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Turn The World Upside Down

On launch Sunday, Craig Clark (lead pastor of Urban Life Church, our sending church) shared an incredible word that will shape the future of Free Church! His message was anchored in the following passages:

  • Is 43:18-19

  • Acts 17:1-6

  • 1 These 2:1-16

You can listen to the full message here

His charge to Free Church was to be people who turn the world upside down, through 7 practical ways:

  1. Boldly Declare the Gospel

  2. Please God not Man

  3. Be Gentle, Humble and always Honoring

  4. Impart your Life and Soul

  5. Work Hard - Love People

  6. Thank God constantly

  7. Preach the Word of God


May this church be Bold in declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ

May this church Please God and see their prayers answered, be full of wisdom and knowledge, strengthened with joy and peace and possess their full inheritance.

May this church receive grace enabling power as they walk Gently, Humbly and Worthy of God.

May this church be a “Heart and Soul” people that hold nothing back

May this church Work Hard and Love People through Exhortation, Encouragement and Challenging everyone to not look back.

May this church walk forward looking back, always being Grateful for what God has done

May this church Preach the Word of God in season and out of season.

May Revelation produce wisdom to live lives that turn the world upside down.

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