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Releasing Arrows!

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“Clear lots of ground for your tents!

Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!

Use plenty of rope,

drive the tent pegs deep.

You’re going to need lots of elbow room

for your growing family.”

Isaiah 54:2 MSG

We are seeing an incredible Grace upon our kid’s ministry, and we believe God is calling us to make room for more!

We don’t want to be people who sleep through our season of opportunity (Prov 10:5), but rather we want to steward well all that God has given us as we reach and raise the next generation with the good news of the gospel.

We believe our family is going to continue to grow as we create space for our children to thrive.

We want to raise up a generation that knows who they are and where they are going. That are so confident in who God is and who He has made them to be that they are fearless in their pursuit of all that God is calling them to. A courageous generation of Christ followers that let out a battle cry for their generation and change the landscape of this Nation because they are full of faith and full of courage! We can choose to simply entertain our children, or we can raise an army that roars with potential and breaks chain as they push back the darkness in their Holy pursuit to see God’s kingdom come.

We are passionate about the next generation, and we are going “there, where the future is’, by investing in them now!

Our kids@free vision is to inspire all children to follow Jesus and equip them to live in freedom and with purpose.

All children, of all ages, from all backgrounds and with a variety of gifts, talents, and abilities. Our mandate is to make disciples of all nations, of all people, of all children, teenagers, young adults… everyone!

Do you know who the most unreached population on the planet is?

What if I told you that some of the most unreached people on the planet live right here in Centurion?

Some of the most unreached people on the planet are families with children who have special needs.

Church is often difficult and inaccessible to many families because we simply have not thought to cater for their children that experience the world differently to us.

I think that some of the most lonely and afraid of the future people on the planet must be families with children who have special needs. If Jesus is the hope that anchors us to the future we have in Him for all eternity, and the Church is God’s plan A for reaching the lost with the good news of the gospel, but we do not cater for people who look, act or experience the world differently to us. We are not doing our job. How are these families supposed to experience the love and acceptance of Jesus when church is so difficult for them to attend? We want to change that!

We want to create a space that caters for all of God’s children, those that are in wheelchairs, those that can’t see or hear or speak, those with down syndrome or autism or ADHD. We want to create a space that is inclusive and empowering for ALL children to encounter the KING. Because they are loved by God! Their families are loved by God.

So, we are going on a journey of training and equipping, of looking and learning. We have put in a wheelchair ramp, we are investing in sensory equipment to help regulate little bodies, we are asking questions and looking for ways to make it easy for families with children who have special needs to attend church.

There are very few churches in South Africa that cater well to children with special needs, so we may get it wrong, we will need to learn and adjust as we go, but most importantly we believe that we are following the prompting of the Holy Spirit and God will lead us with His Grace and kindness.

God has gone before us here. Never before have we seen so many leaders in kids’ ministry so equipped for this task. Without looking or asking for it, we have already got so much experience in terms of the knowledge and skillset amongst our kid’s church leaders.

We have been gifted in this church to make a difference in the lives of families that are so often discriminated against, marginalized, and feel like outcasts in society.

We want to swing wide our doors and welcome ALL CHILDREN into something beautiful. A community that loves them, a team equipped to make it easy for them to know Jesus and a place to call home.

We have an anchor for our souls, we are sharpening our axe in preparation for all that God wants to do in us and through us, and now we get to shoot arrows into the future by equipping the next generation to be the church of tomorrow.

Join us on this journey of impacting the future, by investing in the children and youth of today!

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