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REAL Change

Reject Apathy

Embrace the Gospel

Accept Responsibility

Lead Boldly

Remember this line: "I think it's time we take our relationship to the next level"? We're going there! We asking you to consider if it's time to move from the crowd to the committed. To be a partner of FREE Church. We use the word partner rather than member because

  • our idea of membership is shaped by the gym or country club, where we pay fees to use the facilities, and it drives a consumer ethos.

  • partnership speaks of active participation, ownership, commitment and responsibility - words which might trigger a little phobia, but which are integral to what Jesus calls us to.

  • Paul uses the word partnership in Philippians 1:5 "because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now." This word really means fellowship. While he does use the word "member" too, it is always the context of body parts - members of one body.

FREE Dinner is the moment where we share what it means to be a partner. So, if you joined us at the last FREE Dinner, please, please get those partnership questionnaires back to us! Here's why: on 22 May 22, we want to take a moment to make this official, pray you in as partners of FREE Church! The next FREE Dinner is coming up on 15 June 22, and you can book your place here

We believe that committing to a local church is absolutely key to following Jesus!

Church attendance is infected with a malaise of conditional loyalty which has produced an army of ecclesiastical hitchhikers....The entire Christian life is about commitment — first and above all to Christ, but also to the Church, to family, to marriage, to friendship, to ministry. None of these will ever flourish apart from commitment. R. Kent Hughes