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New Year Resolutions: What You Should Know

Sermon Notes: Sunday 8th Jan 2023

After 4000 years of practices, we can say New Year Resolutions don't really work.

Here's why: we blame lack of time, resources, or motivation, but it’s more likely that

- We are not clear on the “why”?

- There is no accountability

- Our goals are too self focussed vs helping others

- We start with too many and become overwhelmed

- Thee experience of past failures leads to self doubt

- They are not really a priority

- We are wnrealistic - dream big, start small

- Our goals are too general / vague

Yet, most of us desire change. That change, the change that really matters, sustainable change, lasting, transformational change. It doesn't come from behaviour management, self discipline, will power. It comes from falling in love.

“Our 'behavior' will not be changed long with self-discipline, but fall in love and a human will accomplish what he never thought possible." Don Miller

The Gospel is the greatest love story ever told