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Connect the dots...

Do you remember the “join the dots” coloring books? As your pen strokes follow the pattern, a picture starts to emerge on the page. If only life was like that – a simple pattern to follow. Life is more like a page with millions of dots on… Even so, imagine that each dot is a story, an experience, a conversation. And as they are connected, a picture emerges that is symbolic of things to come. As we connect to others, and share stories, and experiences, we realize there is a lot more than coincidence at play. When the dots are connected we gain COURAGE. CLARITY. CONFIDENCE.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together - Vincent Van Gogh

This time last year, we didn’t have a venue. We didn’t have a plan. We didn’t have a team. We didn’t have a budget. But we had a web domain, we had a dream, and we had some people in our corner. What followed over the next few months were many “dots” that, when connecting them, reveal a picture of God’s kindness and grace to FREE Church.

In the weeks leading up to launch Sunday, we had a picture of a Spekboom for the church. In fact, we gave everyone who came to launch Sunday one to take home.

To us, this picture represents

  • Atmosphere changers: We will be people who shift the spiritual atmosphere

  • Rehydrates the dehydrated | : We will be people who bring refreshing, an oasis

  • Reduces soil erosion | : We will be people who focus on the next generation

  • Multiplies easily | There will be growth and increase, by grace

A few months after launch, we went through a coaching process to clarify our mission and values.

Inspiring people to follow Jesus & equipping them to live in FREEDOM & with PURPOSE

  • We honour God

  • We love people

  • We play as a team

  • We live by rhythms of grace

  • We lead with relentless hope

We clarified what we will focus on for this season (Worship Services. Next Generation. Groups. Business. Social Justice) and we’ve seen and heard incredible stories of God stirring things in hearts to take decisions that “connect the dots”, from moving city to be part of the adventure, to opening homes to host life groups, to making space for families with special needs children.

When we connect the dots, we start to see a picture that is symbolic of things to come (Zech 3:8)

As we start to connect the dots of what God is up to in hearts and homes across our community, a picture is starting to emerge that is symbolic of things to come. That picture looks like hope. It looks like healing. It looks like freedom. It looks like love. It looks like compassion. It looks like changed lives. It looks like purpose. It looks like a shift in the spiritual atmosphere. It looks like…. Jesus.

We are, after all, His hands and feet. And as each of us set aside "self" for the sake of the Gospel, responding to His call and aligning ourselves with His plan of restoration, redemption, and freedom, the future starts to look different.

What are the dots you can connect?


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