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Connect the dots...

Do you remember the “join the dots” coloring books? As your pen strokes follow the pattern, a picture starts to emerge on the page. If only life was like that – a simple pattern to follow. Life is more like a page with millions of dots on… Even so, imagine that each dot is a story, an experience, a conversation. And as they are connected, a picture emerges that is symbolic of things to come. As we connect to others, and share stories, and experiences, we realize there is a lot more than coincidence at play. When the dots are connected we gain COURAGE. CLARITY. CONFIDENCE.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together - Vincent Van Gogh

This time last year, we didn’t have a venue. We didn’t have a plan. We didn’t have a team. We didn’t have a budget. But we had a web domain, we had a dream, and we had some people in our corner. What followed over the next few months were many “dots” that, when connecting them, reveal a picture of God’s kindness and grace to FREE Church.

In the weeks leading up to launch Sunday, we had a picture of a Spekboom for the church. In fact, we gave everyone who came to launch Sunday one to take home.

To us, this picture represents

  • Atmosphere changers: We will be people who shift the spiritual atmosphere

  • Rehydrates the dehydrated | : We will be people who bring refreshing, an oasis

  • Reduces soil erosion | : We will be people who focus on the next generation

  • Multiplies easily | There will be growth and increase, by grace

A few months after launch, we went through a coaching process to clarify our mission and values.

Inspiring people to follow Jesus & equipping them to live in FREEDOM & with PURPOSE