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Battle Plan: Rejection

No one likes to experience rejection, because nothing hurts like rejection. It's incredibly painful because it wounds our deepest needs for security, love, and significance. We've all experienced it on some level. Maybe you were excluded or told you are not worth it? Maybe you were betrayed by someone close to you? Maybe you were laughed at? Maybe you felt forgotten? Perhaps you feel that God himself has rejected you because of something you did, or because of something He hasn't done for you?

While it's painful, being rejected does not make you a reject! And there is a promise that God's presence can be experienced in the midst of the pain of rejection.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Ps 34:18


Rejection can be defined as “the act of pushing something or someone away.” To be rejected, then, is to be cast aside, cast off, cast away—to be thrown away as having no


According to a study conducted at Duke University, there are 6 things that make us feel rejected:

  • Criticism

  • Betrayal

  • Active disassociation (for example, a romantic breakup)

  • Passive disassociation (being excluded)