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May Prayer Focus: Week 1

It has been said that a nation will rise, and fall based on the focus of their worship. This pattern appears time and again through the pages of Scripture.

As we head into the elections in South Africa, let us be people who turn our heart's affection to God. Let our first response be to worship Him. Our victory as a nation lies in our ability to worship God and invite His good pleasing & perfect will into South Africa.

Our God, The awe-inspiring one

The Creator of heaven and earth is powerful,

The Great Almighty

He is Worthy of our worship,

The Lover of our souls.

He is the alpha and omega,

The beginning and the end

He is slow to anger and abounds in steadfast love

He is faithful to the generations,

The keeper of His promises

He is faithful and true,

His kindness knows no end.

He reigns victorious,

The conquering King

He sits on the side of Justice,

Oh, but there’s mercy in His eyes

He is the undefeated one,

Ruler of heaven and earth

and He is worthy of our worship,

We declare Great are you, Lord!


We lift our hearts affection to you and say, Great are you Lord, have your way in us.

Great are you Lord, have your way in Free Church.

Great are you Lord, have your way in the Nation of South Africa.

Great are you, Lord.

May your good pleasing and perfect will be done in South Africa as in Heaven.


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