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Maundy Thursday

As we take a look at the sacred journey to the cross this Holy Week, we get to pause and ponder the magnitude of the Messiah’s humble sacrifice.

As they prepare for Passover Jesus powerfully prepares them for purpose. By bending low and washing filthy feet He shows that a humility to serve is the way to win hearts and change worlds. He reminds them that this new covenant is one of love, not laws. One of service, not splendor. That we will be know, so that He is known, by how we love!

The beautiful simplicity continues as He hands them the bread and the wine. “Do this in remembrance of me.” I imagine them laughing and eating and not understanding at all. All the while He’s sipping and breaking, not only the bread, but also His heart as He’s fully aware of what He needs to endure.

He speaks of betrayal and denial because He knows He’s going to trial. He knows those same followers will flee, but He needs to do this for them and for you and for me!

So today, take that bread and the cup and drink in the reality that this Christs body, was given for you. And rise from the table ready to serve, because there’s a whole world that doesn’t deserve… but giving this grace gift is our feet washing, love slinging humble privilege.


John 13

Matthew 26


Jesus, thank you that because of your sacrifice, we can be free. Thank you that because

of your servant leadership, we have an example to follow. Prepare our hearts Lord, for what you want to do this Easter. Prepare our hands Lord, ready to serve. Prepare our minds Lord, ready to respond to your call. Amen

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