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Focus. Faith. Fortitude.

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I love this time of year, the final quarter, It’s hot, with longer days and shorter nights. It's the time of year when a lot of us take stock of what's gone and we start to plan and prepare, set new goals for the final stretch and maybe even the New Year.

Yet, even when we think about the future and set goals, in life it can be difficult to persevere, in some seasons or circumstances it's much easier to give up.

  • What was the last goal you set for yourself?

  • What rules or plans, if any, did you put in place to achieve this goal?

  • When faced with opposition, did you keep going and persevere or did you give up?

Our faith journey can be like this too, we think we’ve heard a word from God, but at the first sign of opposition, it is tempting to quit.

Here are three keys to hold fast to prepare you for things to come, as you navigate these seasons in your life, they are:

  • Stay Focused on the Goal.

  • Remain Faithful to the Journey

  • Cultivate Fortitude to Endure